Rugby League - The Musical® Video Clips
Here's a small selection of Rugby League - The Musical® video clips. There's a lot of new ones coming out all the time in the live shows, and on YouTube.

More clips are available on the Rugby League - The Musical® playlist page on YouTube.

Daly Cherry Evans
Daly Cherry Evans
A "barber-shop quartet" tribute to the hairdressing skills of Jamie Buhrer.
  That's In Queensland That's In Queensland
A song celebrating the selection process of the Queensland State Of Origin team. The original 2012 version
The Ex Raiders Bunch
The Ex Raiders Bunch
A celebration of The St George Illawarra Dragons policy of picking up players released by The Canberra Raiders.
  Goodbye Hindy Goodbye Hindy
A farewell tribute to Nathan Hindmarsh and his fabulous assets.
George Rose's Undies
George's Undies
A protest song against the repeated appearance of George Roses undies in NRL matches.
The Head Taped Hero
A tribute to "The Head Taped Hero" - Wayne "Junior" Pearce.
Oh Ricky!
Oh Ricky!
A musical celebration of Ricky Stuart's passionate post match press conference after the Eels v Titans match.
  Just A Boy
A mock epic tribute to Luke "Burty" Burt. There is absolutely nothing remotely funny about Luke Burt.
King Of The Falcons King Of The Falcons
A celebration of transformation and redemption, as Michael Ennis relinquishes is crowned "King Of The Falcons.
The Raging Bull
Gorden “The Raging Bull” Tallis is a former NRL player, now a panelist on every sports show.
Ra Ra Russell Crowe Ra Ra Russell Crowe
An homage to Russell Crowe and his pal Chris Sandow, all set to a well known throbbing disco beat.
Dessie's Girl
Dessie's Girl
A song of unrequited love for Des Hasler, written when he was coach of Manly.
The Chokers And The Thieves
Ramirez singing on Matty John’s Controversy Corner.
  TGTBTU Good, Bad and Ugly
A selection of parodies Denis performed and produced for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.