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A few pics of Rugby League - The Musical® live gigs.

Opening song on opening night of Rugby League The Musical's triumphant season at The Sydney Comedy Festival.

Guest backing vocalists Mark Carroll, Bryan Fletcher, Shaun Timmins and Eric Grothe Junior, firing up Blatchy's Blues before a State Of Origin match with a few Rugby League The Musical tunes.

Blatchy's Blues got very involved - knew all the words. Denis barely needed to sing!

Wayne "Junior" Pearce* straps on the head tape and shoulder pads to sing himself a tribute song during Rugby League The Musical's Sydney Comedy Festival season.

(*not actually Wayne "Junior" Pearce)

A special guest appearance by the AFL's favourite pre match entertainer - Meatloaf* performing the Todd Carney song during Rugby League The Musical's Sydney Comedy Festival season.

(*not actually Meatloaf)

Accompanied by the Referee's Glee Club via Skype, NRL referee Jarred "Horse" Maxwell* performs the historic Referee's Victory Song during Rugby League The Musical's Sydney Comedy Festival season.

(*not actually Jarred "Horse" Maxwell, but it sure sounds like him!)

Triple M's Grill Team enjoying a bit of Rugby League The Musical during a breakfast broadcast at The Star.

For Nathan Hindmarh's farewell match, Rugby League The Musical composed a special tribute song and accompanying video which played on the big screens at ANZ stadium, while the Eels cheerleaders performed a tasteful and appropriate "bum dance" routine.

Yep. The Eels Cheerleaders move in closer, dancing along with "Goodbye Hindy" at ANZ Stadium.

A Grand final breakfast with the 2013 Dragons team, and members of the Dragons and Magpies 1963 Grand final teams, singing a specially written farewell song for Michael Weyman, Matt Cooper and Nathan Fein, which Steve Edge described as "hilarious".

Explaining to the audience at The NSW Leagues Club - the historic home of Rugby League, that Rugby League The Musical doesn't make up the stories, it just puts them to music. Seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up.

Settling down some rowdy audience members after the Todd Carney song at NSW Leagues Club.

Rugby League The Musical does round ball too! Here we are with Les Murrray, singing a specially composed intro song for the one and only Pele during his "Pele - My Life My Story" show at Sydney's State Theatre.

Joined by Dave Smith via satellite* to perform excerpts from Rugby League The Musical for the Newtown Jets season launch.

*Dave Smith didn't really join in via satellite.

How could the referee's presentation lunch be complete without a few tunes from Rugby League The Musical? They're such a big pantomime part of the show!

Shayne Hayne approximating an orange smile as he hears "The Shayne Hayne Song".

Rugby League The Musical was joined by Dave and John in singing a song to deny that there was any conspiracy surrounding The Cowboys being knocked out of the finals by dodgy refereeing calls two years in a row, at Mounites presentation night.

The first time performing "That's In Queensland" in Queensland for the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation. Survived it. There were a few pantomime boos, but no projectiles were thrown on to the stage.