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(The Elimination Song)

Avid viewers of the long running series Australia's Next Top Model will already be familiar with the song “Different World” which features in the elimination section of the program.

The hauntingly beautiful song about a woman who is prisoner to her own beauty, has been released by singer/songwriter Denis Carnahan, accompanied by a music video by Sydney director, David Joshua Ford.

Click here to buy the full version of Different World from iTunes.

More about the song
When the original version featured in the program, Fox 8 and the composer were inundated with viewer requests for information about the song and the artist, and where it could be downloaded or purchased. There was such a strong response, several fans made their own YouTube clips and other artists generated fake MySpace pages claiming the song as their own to attract people to their websites to purchase other music.

Denis was commissioned to supply a vast library of music for Australia's Next Top Model, which was to include some songs he had on file.

“I had to write so much music for the show, so we agreed that I'd allow them to use songs I'd written previously to speed things up. I first wrote Different World in 2003 as an instrumental. It was originally called “Sunset at Bobbin Head.”

“I had some downtime in 2005, and put lyrics to a few of my favourites, this being one of them. I recorded the lyrics as a demo, but I had pneumonia at the time so I never finished recording it.”

For Next Top Model, he tried to re-do the vocal, but the original recording, man-flu and all, was more emotive. He was pressed for time, so he still didn't record the last verse of the song, instead recording a guitar line, which played the melody.

For the iTunes release and film clip, he finally recorded the last verse which gives the original work the resolution it was missing, much to the delight of David Joshua Ford, the director of the film clip.

“I wanted to give the video clip a narrative that develops much like a short film, rather than random visual effects or dancing. I think it engages people and keeps them asking questions about the characters and the themes in the song."

“I wanted to portray flawed characters searching for love. It was important that they had both experienced imperfect relationships so we could still empathise with them".

“The children bring a level of innocence back into the relationship. They represent an earlier time in the lives of our lead characters when they felt complete. We found the perfect location in Cambewarra (south of Sydney), and the resulting images draw on carefree childhood memories".

The song was released to iTunes 23 september.